The course in brief

5082Our Master of Pharmacy, held in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, is taught entirely in English with the purpose to provide the necessary knowledge to design, prepare and use the drug.

The course was founded by our School of Medicine and School of Science in partnership with the prestigious School of Pharmacy of the University of Nottingham and Alliance Boots, as a highly interdisciplinary school involving professors and experts from different sectors, from Chemistry to Medicine, Economics, Law as well as all subjects concerned in a complex traditional Pharmacy Course.

This relationship provides the opportunity, to our best students, to perform some stages in Nottingham University and in Malaysia, as an English branch campus, as well as in other well organized European Universities through the Erasmus Mundus Project, emphasizing the internationalization and making this course highly competitive and innovative.

Besides the inedible educational goal, which relies on professionalism of our staff, the course requires a theoretical and practical training in order to allow to operate not only in the healthcare sector but also in the pharmaceutical industry and in the field of pharmaceutical research, as a very innovative aspect.

In addition to the traditional teaching which characterize any traditional Pharmacy Course, such as the basic subjects (statistics, general and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, neuro-pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology), there are other specific matters that contribute to a pharmacological preparation and a medical and biological overview, such as the teachings of Biology (general biology, molecular biology, pharmaceutical biology, cell physiology, medicinal plant) and Medicine (human anatomy, immunology, microbiology, general pathology, internal medicine, dermato-pharmacology, clinical nutrition).

It is interesting to note that to fulfill some teaching courses is necessary to include some laboratory sessions to improve the appropriate knowledge and be able to deal with the increasing bank data in Advanced Pharmacology, Medicine and Biotechnology as a great challenge and upgrading of notions useful in the Italian and European markets, and in any international project diffused worldwide.

The didactic activity is also integrated with outstanding lectures and workshops held by qualified scientists belonging to different fields such as Pharmaceutical, Medical and Biological Sciences, all regarded as an instrument of discussion and debate to improve the students’ background.

Another great innovation of this course is the introduction of the Scientific and Regulatory Assessment of New medicines, according to the new Pharmaceutical Legislation both at European and at National level.

This step allows to reach a specific competence in the evaluation and assessment of a pharmaceutical dossier, which is compulsory to get the authorization by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or national authorities to introduce the drug in the market.

All these competences and knowledge acquired by the students will be a key part declared in the Supplement Certificate, at the end of his curriculum studiorum, whose diploma is the utmost in this field.