Call for Applications

In response to the current emergency caused by the COVID-19, for the academic year 2020/2021 all the candidates (particularly those who are not currently able to reach the University premises physically) will be allowed to take the admission test online through the TOLC@HOME by CISIA.   The organizational procedures and technologies adopted will make the entry test accessible remotely and under conditions of maximum safety. Each candidate  will be reliably identified and will be able to carry out the test autonomously after being joined to the appropriate virtual classroom..

The admission test will be held on the 24th of July 2020 at 10:00.
Registration on DELPHI is already open.
Registration on CISIA will be active from the 19th June.

Available seats

Admission is subject to passing an examination, for a total number of 80 seats distributed as follows:

a) 50 (fifty) seats available to Italian, EU and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy (pursuant to art. 26, Italian Law n. 189/2002);

b) 30 (thirty) seats reserved for non-EU citizens residing abroad (two of which are reserved for Chinese students participating in the “Marco Polo” programme)—applying for the visa.

The number of seats is established in accordance with the Italian Law n. 264, August 2, 1999.

Italian, EU and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy pursuant to art. 26 of Law n. 189/202, as well as foreign/international citizens applying for a visa, may apply for admission to the course.

PLEASE NOTE: A second selection round, is set only in the event of unassigned seats after the general ranking list is published and if winners do not confirm their enrolment within the deadlines set out in this call.

Requirements for participation in the selection

To be admitted to the selection procedure as described in this call, candidates must have obtained a second level secondary school diploma issued by Italian educational institutions (in accordance with current regulations) or a foreign qualification valid for the admission to any university courses held at Italian universities (see art.10 of this call).

Candidates with a foreign qualification must hold a Diploma obtained after at least 12 years of schooling.

All candidates with a qualification obtained abroad will be admitted to the selection with reserve. In case they are winners, their enrolment to the programme is regulated by the procedures set out in art. 10 of this call. Furthermore, they must produce the documentation required by the regulations in force available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), at

Given the current emergency, candidates residing abroad who will be unable to produce the original study documentation as described in art. 10are kindly asked to request online the certificate of comparability of their qualifications directly from CIMEA by consulting the following link:

In case of irregular documentation relating to their foreign qualification, the students’ enrolment will be cancelled automatically ex officio.

Students enrolled in the last year of Italian secondary education institutions or those attending the last year of a non-Italian secondary education institution which awards a valid qualification for admission to university courses held at Italian universities who expect to achieve said qualification by the enrolment dates provided for in this call, may also participate in the selection.

To participate in the selection, a good knowledge of the English language is required. It is not necessary to be in possession of any certification attesting it. . The evaluation is inherent in the type of test chosen (English TOLC-F), which is delivered in English.

To participate in the test it is necessary to register for the selection on the online service portal of our University, Delphi, within the deadlines set by this call and to have already taken the English TOLC-F (CISIA) at one of the participating universities within the periods stated afterwards.

The TOLC is a prerequisite for applying for admission, and it must be taken during the span of time indicated in this call at any of the universities where it is provided.

The dates to carry out the English TOLC-F are available on the CISIA website

English is the official language of the course.

The beginning of the courses is scheduled from 12th of October 2020.

The course is held at the Department of Biology, School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

First year activities will be held at the Department of Biology, Building PP1.


Note: The new didactic table will be valid only for students enrolled from the academic year 20/21 and 19-20 as first year students.

Students enrolled in previous academic years will follow the current didactic table.

A second selection round is set only in the event of unassigned seats after the general ranking list is published and if winners do not confirm their enrolment within the deadlines set out in this call. 


If the number of winners in the general ranking does not cover the places announced, the activation of the second round of selection, indicating the places available, at the same time as the publication of the general ranking (05/08/2020) will be confirmed.

  • If winners in the general ranking cover the number of places announced yet not all confirm the place by enrolling regularly within the deadline scheduled for August 31, 2020,  the activation of the second selection round indicating the available places, with a notice that will be published on the University institutional websites, of the CdLM CU Macroarea of Sciences in Pharmacy, will be confirmed starting from 07/09/2020.

To participate in this selection round for the allocation of any vacancies resulting from the previous selection, candidates will have to carry out both of the fulfilments provided for in art. 3:

a) To have taken the English  TOLC-F by September 30, 2020, according to the procedures set out in the said art. 4.b) Submit an application to participate in the selection for inclusion in the ranking list via the University online services website, Delphi, ( between 7 and 30 September