Second Round Selection

Second Round Selection

The General ranking list for the 16 (sixteen) seats available to italian, eu and non-eu citizens legally residing in italy  and 2 (two) seats reserved for non-eu citizens residing abroad of the admission call for the registration of thedegree course in pharmacy are available:

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ITA

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ENG

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ITA

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ENG

Procedures transfer other University/Courses- ITA

Procedures Transfer other University/Courses – ENG

Eligible candidates who do not enrol within the deadlines described will be regarded as renouncers.


Even after obtaining a valid score, candidates are excluded in the following cases:

1) non-EU citizens residing abroad who did not submit the pre-enrollment application form on the universitaly platform before taking the test;

2) non-EU citizens having declared their residence / domicile in Italy who did not attach a valid residence permit when registering for the test.

Also excluded are those who have not obtained a minimum score of 18/50 or have taken the test in Italian (TOLC-F) and not the ENGLISH TOLC-F in English as required by the call.