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How to apply to the admission test

To participate in the admission test, the candidates in possess of the requirements referred to above art. 2, both the obligations mentioned in points A) and B) must obligatorily be implemented, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

A)  Have taken the ENGLISH TOLC-F (Test online CISIA) with a score of at least 18,0 points out of 50 in the total of the sections of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Logic according to the modalities, the calendar and places made known by CISIA (Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l’Accesso) through the website:

For the purposes of the selection (FIRST SELECTION) referred to in this call, there will be considered valid only the test ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) taken from the month of January 2022 and no later than 8th July 2022.

The SECOND ROUND of selection (if activated) would only be considered the ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) taken from 9th July to 23rd September 2022.

B)  Apply to participate for inclusion in the ranking through the University of Delphi online services website ( in the period between 10th May, 2022, and 8th July, 2022 (FIRST SELECTION ROUND).

For the SECOND ROUND of selection (if activated), the application form on the University Delphi system must be submitted in the period between 15th September 2022 and 23rd September 2022 (see art. 9).

Subsequently, on 13th July 2022 (FIRST ROUND) and 28th September 2022 (SECOND ROUND if any), the provisional list of candidates who have passed the TOLC and, therefore, are admitted to the oral exam in English. The provisional ranking list Ranking list will be published on the University website on the Macro area of the School of Science website , and on the site of the Master of Science in Pharmacy .

The oral exam is scheduled for 15th July 2022 (FIRST ROUND) and 30th September 2022 (SECOND ROUND, if any).

Selection procedures and evaluation criteria

The selection of candidates is aimed at ascertaining (under art.6, paragraph 1, of Ministerial Decree 270/2004), based on the score obtained through the evaluation test of the ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) and the score obtained in the oral interview in English, the possession of the knowledge required for access and preparation for the disciplines covered by the Degree Course referred to in this call as well as an adequate understanding of the English language as indicated in art. 5 of the Regulation of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy.

The score obtained in the ENGLISH TOLC-F assessment test (CISIA) and the score obtained in the oral intervieware taken into consideration by the Commission as an evaluation criterion to form the merit ranking referred to in the following art. 8.

The evaluation is carried out on a scale of 70 points in total, of which

–           Up to 50 points obtained in the ENGLISH TOLC-F (minimum score required to access the oral exam 18/50);

–           Up to 20 points obtained in the oral exam in English (the test will be considered passed with a minimum score of 10/20).

Registration for the English TOLC-F CISIA is via the CISIA website ( 

The candidate registers in the TOLC area of the CISIA website through the appropriate form and receives to the email address he entered when registering, the login credentials, username and password of his personal area on the CISIA portal;

  1. The candidate, using the username and password provided by CISIA, accesses his TOLC area from where he can select the type of TOLC to which he intends to enrol, the payment method, the university location and the date on which he wants to take the TOLC.
  2. The candidate proceeds to pay the registration fee of € 30.00 by credit card or bank MAV slips. A video tutorial is available on the CISIA website to guide the candidate in signing up for the English TOLC-F test.

A video tutorial is available on the CISIA website to guide the candidate in signing up for the English TOLC-F test:

For more information, see the rules published on the website

On the receipt of payment and registration for the ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) test, are indicated the time and day on which it will be performed.  It is in no way possible to take the test on a day other than the day of registration.

The deadline for enrolling in the chosen ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) test is available on the CISIA website (