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How to apply to the admission test

To participate to the admission test all the students will have from 12 June 2019 to 2 September 2019 to do the following:

  1. Fill out the online application form, available on;
  2. Select Student Section> key 1> Apply to the Admission Test > Start Application Procedures > School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences > Fill out the application form. At the end of the procedure, the application sheet and a bank bulletin (with a CTRL code) will be provided;
  3. Print the application sheet (and keep it with you) and the bank bulletin with a 30,00 euro contribution to participate to the admission test.
  4. Go to any Unicredit bank and pay the 30,00 euro; on the receipt issued by the bank you will find an AUTH code;
  5. Enter again to the Delphi system (; )> Select Student Section> key 1> Enrolment for Admission Test > Validate Application (key b) > insert CTRL and AUTH codes.

N.B. The candidates residing abroad must attach to the application for the participation to the test a copy of the passport and the non-EU candidates also the copy of the request for pre-registration presented to the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the country of origin. (Upload here)

It is possible to pay online the due amount, on the

The fee mentioned above is not required by the following category:

Candidates with a disability equal or higher to 66% recognized by the Italian law (art. 3 comma 1, Legge 104/1992; the disability must be stated into the application to the test, specifying the needing of assistance for the test, if necessary);

The exempted fee category MUST validate the registration to the admission exam inserting the code CTRL and the code AUTH assigned automatically by the computer system.

According to the Italian law n. 104/1992, all the students with disabilities may send an email to stating the disability (please attach to the email a scanned copy of the medical certificate proving it with the legalized official translation in Italian) so that they could receive the necessary support during the test.

Also candidates suffering for dyslexia (certified as for the Italian law n. 170/2010) are required to send an email to the same address, same modality. For these students, a 30% extra-time will be granted to complete the admission test.

Candidates with disability or with DSA residing abroad that intent to request support must send to CARIS the duly legalized certificate realised in the country of origin, along with an official translation in Italian.

The University reserves the right to check the truthfulness of the declarations made under penalty of the exclusion from access to the courses. 


It is mandatory to pay and validate the payment on the Delphi system within the 2nd September 2019 to be admitted to participate in the test. A protocol number will be assigned by the system to each candidate at the moment of the validation mentioned above.

The 30,00 euro fee is not refundable for any reason.