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Apply Now

Eligible candidates must apply via the Delphi University online services portal at during the following periods:

  • FIRST  ROUND: from  22 April 2024 to 24 June 2024
  • SECOND ROUND: from  22 July 2024 to 30 August 2024

Each candidate can participate in all the active selection rounds by submitting a specific application for participation for each round via the Delphi University online services site using the following procedure:

1. Connect to the Delphi Online:;

2. Select Student Section, Key 1=> “Enrolment in the assessment tests” => a. Fill in the application form => select “Faculty Of Mathematical, Physics And Natural Sciences” => select the chosen degree course and insert the requested information.


– Italian, EU and non-EU students legally residing in Italy must select the chosen course > “non reserved places”(*)

– Non-EU students residing abroad applying for a visa must select the chosen course > “foreign citizens residing abroad applying for a visa”

3. Fill in the application entering the information requested (NOTE: enter “name” and “surname” as printed in your passport or other valid picture id.

– All candidates have to upload a valid identification document.

– Only non-EU candidates will also have to:

  • Upload the valid residence permit.  If expired, upload the expired permit and the renewal request.

°    Declare whether you are enrolled at  another Italian university, specifying whether you are attending a degree  or a single course (*).

At the end of the procedure, an application and bulletin will be produced containing a CTRL code and an AUTH code;

PLEASE NOTE: In the application the fiscal code will be calculated for non-resident international students.

4. Print the application (to be saved) and the bulletin of €30,00 Euro for the participation to the selection.

5. Pay the due participation fee  through the PagoPa system, a payment method that allows to pay through a plurality of channels, in person or online.  

Additional information on payment methods is available at the following link:

In this phase the data entered and the attachments uploaded within the application form can be modified by returning to the DELPHI system Key 1=> “Enrolment in the assessment tests” => b- “You have already filled out an application, modify”.

6.Log back on the Delphi online Services:  1. Registration for the admission tests” > b. “You have already completed the application” > Enter the requested data and proceed to validate the payment.  A protocol number will be assigned to each candidate.

(*) It is important to note that students who live in Italy and have a residence permit for study purposes to enrol in single courses can apply for the selection as candidates equivalent to EU citizens. If they are placed in the ranking they will be able to enrol only if they meet the following two criteria:

– The course must be relevant to the single-cycle master’s degree in Pharmacy mentioned in this notice

– and should have a positive final exam outcome

If any of the requirements mentioned above are not met, the candidate will not be able to enrol. For additional information, please refer to Article 11 and the Student Guide for the academic year 2024/2025.


  • It is absolutely essential to carry out, under penalty of exclusion from the selection, both the payment and the online validation of the payment within the indicated deadline to complete the registration procedure and participate in the test.
  • After validation there is no possibility to modify the application.

The contribution of Euro 30.00 for participation in the selection is non-refundable for any reason.

The aforementioned contribution is not due by:

– Students with a disability equal to or greater than 66% or with recognition of disability according to Article 3 paragraph 1 of the Law of 5 February 1992 n. 104 (the condition of disability must be indicated in the application for participation in the competition).

These candidates, exempted from paying the participation fee for the tests, will still have to validate the zero amount slip using the CTRL and AUTH codes automatically assigned by the computer system, present on the application form.

The University reserves the right to check the truthfulness of the declarations made, under penalty of exclusion from access to the test.