Admission Test

The selection of candidates is aimed at ascertaining the appropriate initial preparation of the candidate and the predisposition for the subjects covered by the Degree Programme referred to in this Call. as well as an appropriate knowledge of the English language as indicated in art. 5 of the Regulation of the single cycle CdLM in Pharmacy.

The admission test to the single cycle Degree Course in Pharmacy will consist of two phases of assessment:

a) Written test: solution of 60 questions (multiple choice) aimed at ascertaining the preparation of the subjects of secondary school such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as general culture.

The test is carried out in English.

b) Oral exam: aimed at the verification of the knowledge of the English language and the assessment of the preparation in the disciplines of secondary schools such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as general culture.

Test schedule

The written test (multiple choice questions) will take place on 14th September 2023 at the Department of Biology of the Macroarea of Sciences MM.FF.NN., Via della Ricerca Scientifica n. 1 – 00133 Rome, at 9.30, classroom 8, building PP1. Candidates are called from 8.30 on the same day for identification procedures.

A maximum of 90 minutes will be allocated for carrying out the test.

The oral test will take place at the end of the phase of correction of the written test, starting from 14.30 on 14th September 2023 and, if necessary, may continue the following day. Only candidates who have obtained the minimum score required to pass the written test will be admitted to the oral exam.

Evaluation criteria

The score obtained in the written test and the score obtained in the oral interview are taken into consideration by the Commission. The assessment shall be carried out on a scale of 80 overall points of which:

  • Up to 60 points obtained in the written test (minimum score required to access the oral test 24/60);

The test score is determined as follows:

– Correct answer: 1 point

– Incorrect or no answer: 0 points

  • Up to 20 points obtained in the oral interview in English (the test will be considered passed with a minimum score of 10/20).

Candidates may not bring bags, folders, mobile phones, smartphones, notes, manuscripts, books or publications into the classroom. Any other material is equally prohibited, unless the Commission decides otherwise. The use of scientific calculators is allowed as long as they do not require an electric or wireless connection.

During the admission test, candidates are not allowed to communicate with each other or to communicate with others, except with supervisors or members of the Commission.