teaching staff

Teaching Staff

Below is the full list of teachers and related courses at the Degree Course in Pharmacy at Tor Vergata University of Rome: Click on the teacher or on the course you are interested in to view the specific page.

Also you can download the full list of professors and courses click here

Teachers and Courses

AgostiniBiochemistry I
AlhaiqueBiopharmaceutics and Preformulation
BarbatoDrug AnalysisII
BarillariGeneral and Clinical PathologyII
BarchiHuman AnatomyI & II
BertacciniApplied Mathematics
Borgiani Antimicrobial and Anticancer Pharmacology and PharmacogenomicsII
BoscoHuman Physiology
Molecular BiologyI
Nutritional Sciences and NutrigenomicsII
CarboneGeneral and Bio-Inorganic ChemistryI
Ceccherini SilbersteinMicrobiology and ImmunologyII
CeciSpecial Pharmacology and TherapyI
CestaItalian and European Pharmaceutical Legislation and Commercial LawI
CiceroDrug AnalysisI
CirioloBiochemistry II
De Lorenzo
Dietistic Sciences and Food ChemistryI
Del Grosso
Analytical Chemistry
Di RenzoHuman Nutrition and Dietistics
Di RenzoNutritional Sciences and NutrigenomicsI
Di SantoMedicinal Chemistry I
Donadel PalumboGeneral and Clinical PathologyI
GalloniOrganic Chemistry
GargioliIntroduction to BiologyII
GismondiPharmaceutical Botany and PharmacognosyI
Antimicrobial and Anticancer Pharmacology and PharmacogenomicsI
GontraniGeneral and Bio-Inorganic ChemistryII
Dietistic Sciences and Food ChemistryII
IacobelliMedical Statistics and Clinical Studies Methods
MacchiMedicinal Chemistry II
MagrelliItalian and European Pharmaceutical Legislation and Commercial LawII
MalisanMicrobiology and ImmunologyIII
MangoPharmaceutical Botany and PharmacognosyII
MerloApplied Physics
MicheliAnalytical Chemistry
MorelloItalian And European Pharmaceutical Legislation And Commercial LawIII
MuscoliSpecial Pharmacology and TherapyII
NicolottiMedicinal Chemistry I
Nisticò R.
General and Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nisticò R.
Nisticò S.
Internal Medicine And DermatopharmacologyII
NoceInternal Medicine and DermatopharmacologyI
PetrellaDrug AnalysisI
PiacentiniIntroduction to BiologyI
PiroMolecular BiologyII
RossinIntroduction to BiologyI
SantoroMicrobiology and ImmunologyI