Rome is a city full of beauty and contradictions, in which you’ll be able to experience a particularly varied student life. While it does count one of the biggest student populations in Europe, it remains rooted in it’s more ancient history and you’ll encounter both the giddy tourists enjoying their exploration of the historic sites of the city and the roman citizen approaching these same sites as simple backgrounds to his daily life.
There are a number of places all over the city for students to explore, pubs can be found everywhere with some of the most famous destinations being in the center and San Lorenzo neighborhoods.

The historical center of Rome lends itself to evening walks and the discovery of new bars and restaurants, but a more accurate description of all the areas one might explore in this sprawling city has already filled many books and cannot be summarized in these few paragraphs. We recommend keeping an open mind to discovering the city on your free time.

Rent & Accomodation

Student accomodation can be found either at the University’s Campus X or by renting apartments in the city. Rent will vary greatly based on where you’d like to live and on wether you’re open to sharing an apartment with other students. There are a number of online resources to look at in making your choice of accomodation but don’t discount looking for offers and announcements posted on the billboards all over the medicine faculty. If you manage to organize with your fellow classmates to rent a flat together, even better. However, the university Campus X is a good starting point, especially for students not familiar with Rome or the italian language. You’ll have a better chance of meeting fellow students and building up a network of friends and aquaintances as a foundation for your stay in Rome.

Please refer to their website for more information. Consider doing Google searches for student apartments in Italian if you have a sufficient grasp of the language (very few postings will also be in English).

For further information visit the Welcome Office of Tor Vergata University of Rome:

Tor Vergata Welcome Office