call for applications

Call for Applications

In response to the current emergency caused by the COVID-19, for the academic year 2022/2023 all the candidates (particularly those who are not currently able to reach the University premises physically) will be allowed to take the admission test online through the TOLC@HOME by CISIA.   The organizational procedures and technologies adopted will make the entry test accessible remotely and under conditions of maximum safety. Each candidate  will be reliably identified and will be able to carry out the test autonomously after being joined to the appropriate virtual classroom.

The Call for Applications 2022-2023:

  • The admission test (written test) will be held on the 5th of July 2022 at 10:30 (for Tor Vergata University).
  • Oral test will be held on 15th July  (FIRST ROUND) at 09:00 (Zoom or Teams Platform).

Available seats

The admission is subject to passing an examination, for a total number of 80 seats distributed as follows:

a) 60 (sixty) places available to Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens legally living in Italy (art. 2, Italian Law n. 189/2002);

b) 20 (twenty) places reserved to non-EU citizens resident abroad (two of which are reserved to Chinese students participating in the “Marco Polo” programme)—applying for the visa.

The number of places established by the Italian Law n. 264, August 2, 1999.

Selection procedures and evaluation criteria

The selection of candidates is aimed at ascertaining,, based on the score obtained through the evaluation test of the ENGLISH TOLC-F (CISIA) and the score obtained in the oral interview in English, the possession of the knowledge required for access and preparation for the disciplines covered by the Degree Course referred to in this call as well as an adequate understanding of the English language as indicated in art. 5 of the Regulation of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy.

The score obtained in the ENGLISH TOLC-F assessment test (CISIA) and the score obtained in the oral interview are taken into consideration by the Commission as an evaluation criterion to form the merit ranking referred to in the following art. 8.

The evaluation is carried out on a scale of 70 points in total, of which

–           Up to 50 points obtained in the ENGLISH TOLC-F (minimum score required to access the oral exam 18/50);

–           Up to 20 points obtained in the oral exam in English (the test will be considered passed with a minimum score of 10/20).

To be admitted to the selection procedure as described in this call, candidates must have obtained a second level secondary school diploma issued by Italian educational institutions (in accordance with current regulations) or a foreign qualification valid for the admission to any university courses held at Italian universities.

The complete calendar with the dates scheduled in all locations can be consulted on the CISIA website.

ORAL TEST IN ENGLISH: The oral test in English is aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s ability to understand and express himself in English in relation to the subjects of the written text as well as the ability to argue clearly and comprehensively.

For the oral exam, a maximum score of 20 points,  and is passed with a minimum score of 10/20.

Subsequently, on 13th July 2022 (FIRST ROUND) and 28th September 2022 (SECOND ROUND if any), the provisional list of candidates who have passed the TOLC and, therefore, are admitted to the oral exam in English.

The provisional ranking list Ranking list will be published on the University website on the Macro area of the School of Science website , and on the site of the Master of Science in Pharmacy .

The oral exam will be held on 15th  July  (FIRST ROUND) and

30th  September  (SECOND ROUND if ANY) starting at 09:00.

The methods relating to the conduct of the interview will be published together with the ranking of those admitted to the oral test with the indication of the link to the meeting through  Zoom or  Teams platform at the Commission’s unquestionable choice. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure the availability and operation of the required hardware (PC, webcam, audio), the required software and a reliable Internet connection.

The candidate who does not guarantee a stable video connection for the complete completion of the oral interview or who does not arrive within the deadline set by the exam calendar will be excluded from the final ranking.

The beginning of the courses is scheduled for mid-October 2022:

The Course is held at the Department of Biology, School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, the beginning of the classes are scheduled for mid-of October 2022.