Transfers & Course Abbreviations

According to the procedure set out in the call for application admission is also necessary for:

  • students enrolled in other universities who intend to apply for the transfer;
  • students enrolled at the University of Rome Tor Vergata who intend to request a course change;

These students – after taking the test (if they are included in the ranking in a useful position) – will have to proceed with the transfer or course change application within the deadlines set out in this call for enrolment.

  • students who request a course abbreviation since they have already graduated or even have not yet completed careers in other degree courses or other universities for which they want to request recognition.

Along with the publication of the merit rankings, the transfer procedures winners will have to complete within the same deadlines as those for enrolments will also be published.

All the information on transfer application will be published in the Students Guide (Guida dello studente) available on

📃 SUBMIT THE APPLICATION – Course Abbreviation

The student, having passed the admission test, must refer to the procedures recorded in the Student Guide of the relevant a.y. under the heading “Enrolment with course abbreviation”; he/she must then submit the application to the Student Secretariat of the Science Macro Area MM. FF. NN., within the first academic year of the course (end of October of the following year):

1) Form A completed and signed:



2) Original certificate of the exams taken accompanied by an official translation in Italian or English.

3) Syllabus of the courses for which recognition is requested;

4) Documentation describing the evaluation system adopted in the University of origin with an indication of credits/hours of study and grading system.

The documentation must be duly validated by the relative academic office.