Course Information

The Pharmacy course, a single cycle, is structured in English, and has a duration of 5 years, for a total of 300 credits that the student must acquire to achieve the degree. Selection is based on knowledge in in the English language (both written and oral) and scientific background acquired during High School related to the field(s) of interest of this degree (written examination or multiple chose questionnaire).

The course has been properly designed to interpret to the needs of the young generation of Pharmacists to learn how to cope with rapidly growing body of date in advanced Pharmacology and Biotechnologies, with the many questions raised by patients on clinical pathologies, medical diagnostics, cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices, mechanism of action of new medicinal products, drug interactions safety concerns, interactive pharmacovigilance.

On the other hand, many young pharmacists are more interested in getting frontline training in pharmaceutical legislation, data protection, patents, and assessment of clinical trials, quality and safety data when they plane to work in National Regulatory Agencies.

The collaboration with the University of Nottingham (UK) will offer a unique opportunity for mobility, joint research projects, integration of students with different cultures, rapidly find a job not only as Pharmacies but also at University, a Research Center, in multinational pharmaceutical or related company as well as at the European or National Medicine Agencies.

The programmed limited number of students (80 per year) will allow a better interaction among students and professors and among themselves; in addition, tutors can spend more time with students and offer them a continuous guidance. Collaboration with some drug and cosmetics Companies where students can spend time in laboratories will increase their capacity to prepare different pharmaceutical preparations as well as to really understand the manufacturing and quality aspects of the different medicinal products.

The traditional European course of Pharmacy will be enriched, in the didactic plan, with a series of innovative teachings which will be of fundamental importance for the professional life of newly qualified professionals.

Finally, the course will be integrated with a series of lectures given by highly qualified scientists in the field of Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacogenomics, Nanotechnologies, Stem cell and Gene-Therapy, Advanced therapies, Orphan Drugs etc.