Enrolment & Payment

To Be Enrolled Is Mandatory To Confirm The Payment Of The First Instalment By 18/10/2019 Using The Following Procedure:

Fill the evaluation survey on the website: http://www.quest.uniroma2.it/. A code (CQ) will be issued at the end of the procedure; it must be inserted at the moment of the confirmation of payment. The CQ is valid for five days since the filing date. In the case of expiring, a new questionnaire shall be filled again. Successively:

  1. Connect to the website https://delphi.uniroma2.it/; Click the English flag
  2.  Select Student Section, key 2: Registration;
  3. Key a> On-Campus Course;
  4. Select Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences; Click on key 1 (I have passed the Admission/sustained the assessment test/am in possession of the curricular requirements and I want to register myself). Insert personal data (Only after entering the personal data the system will automatically provide the classes to which the student, having passed the related selection, can register);
  5. Print out the bank bulletin for the first instalment payment;
  6. Pay the bulletin at any Unicredit bank;

It is possible to pay online the due amount connecting to the site: http://studenti.uniroma2.it/pagamento/

  1. ack to the Delphi system with the procedure mentioned above and insert the payment codes reported on the bank receipt (CTRL and AUTH) together with the CQ (questionnaire) code to validate the payment. The student will be provided with a matricola and a password.
  2. The matricola is the student’s number, it will be necessary to carry out all the administrative and bureaucratic procedures at the University (get the email, pay tuition fees, get into the Delphi system, book exams, etc.). Please keep it safe.

The admitted candidates not validating the payment by the deadline (18/10/2019) will be excluded. The vacant positions will be allocated to the successful candidates immediately following in the ranking list. For this purpose, a further list will be published, if it will be necessary.

Students with any disability equal or higher than 66% (according the Italian law n.104, 5 February 1992, article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3) in order to be totally exempted from payment are obliged to provide all documents issued by the competent authorities stating the disability, to the Technical Secretariat of the Commission for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and DSA (CARIS) – Via the Politecnico, 1 (School of Engineering).


Documents Submission to the Students Secretariat Office

Once the payment is validated, it is mandatory to submit within 30 days the following documentation to the Students Secretariat Office of the Faculty of Sciences – Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1 – 00133 – Rome:

  1. The enrolment form (printed at the end of the online procedure) to be signed only in front of the Officer in charge, attached with a passport-size photo in the space provided on the application;
  2. Two passport-size photos identical to the one attached on the enrolment form;
  3. A copy of a valid identity card or passport;
  4. A copy of the receipt of the first instalment;
  5. The receipt attesting registration, the one reporting “to be delivered to Students Secretariat Office”


  • Incomplete documentation will not be accepted.
  • The payment validation and the documentation’s submission to the Students Secretariat Office are to be considered strictly mandatory to get the enrolment. If the documentation is not submitted within 30 days after the first instalment payment, id and password to log into the Delphi platform will be deactivated.
  • Candidates passing the test as winners holding a foreign Diploma will additionally have to submit the expected documentation by the Italian law specified in the annual Ministerial procedures published on the MIUR website: http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/.

In case of not regular documents, the student will be automatically erased from the ranking.

  • Foreign students requesting visa will have to formalise their enrolment at the International Students Office (Via Cracovia s.n.c – 00173 ROMA – Building D floor 0 room n. 1; (email: students@uniroma2.it) within the deadline established with this in this call.

For further information, please visit: International Students Office website:



All the information about the tuition fees payment, deadlines and payment modality will be available on the Students Guide 2019/2020, which will be published on the University website (http://web.uniroma2.it/).

Total or partial exemption opportunities will also be specified into the Students Guide.

For any information about it click here –> TUTION FEES PHARMACY AY 2019/20