Enrollment & Payment

On account to COVID-19 pandemic, registration procedures which must completed within the deadlines by winners will be published together with the publication of the rankings. Along with the publication of the ranking list, the transfer and course change procedures that the winning students will have to complete will also be published.

Candidates who are winners in the ranking list must confirm their registration by paying the first bulletin peremptorily within the following deadlines:

  • The first round of selection: registration by August 31, 2021
  • Possible second round of selection: registration by October 14, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Winning candidates who do not enroll within the deadlines described will be regarded as renouncers.

Payment of university fees and contributions

All information regarding the calculation of fees and contributions, with the related deadlines and payment methods, will be available in the 2020/2021 Student Guide published on the University websites http://web.uniroma2.it/ and http: //studenti.uniroma2.it.  

The Guide will also specify all the possibilities of total or partial exemption from the payment of taxes and contributions.

Candidates with qualifications obtained abroad

Candidates in possession of a qualification obtained abroad will be admitted to the selection with reserve. Should they be winners, besides the registration procedures described in art. 9they must produce the documentation required by the regulations in force, which can be consulted on the website of the Italian Ministry of Education University and Research at the page: http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/. In particular, foreign diplomas must be officially translated into Italian, legalized and accompanied by either a declaration of validity issued by the Italian diplomatic representation responsible for the area or a certificate of comparability issued by CIMEA, which can be requested onlineat the following site:http://www.cimea.it/it/index.aspx.

In the event of irregularities in the documentation related to the foreign qualification, the student will be cancelled automatically ex officio. 

The beginning of the courses is scheduled from mid of October 2021.