Enrollment & Payment

Enrolment process

All the successful candidates in the winner ranking list will have to carry out all the formalities foreseen in the enrolment procedure (including the payment of the first instalment and relative validation) within the deadlines indicated below, following the instructions at the link:


In particular:

– By 2nd October 2023: enter the enrolment application on the online service portal DELPHI;

– By 12th October 2023: pay the first instalment to confirm the enrolment;

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates admitted who do not pay the first instalment and validate the payment by the deadlines described (12nd October 2023) will be regarded as renouncers.

Any changes will be communicated simultaneously with the publication of the rankings on the institutional websites of this University, of the Macroarea of Science Macro Area and the CdLM single in Pharmacy. 

Payment of university fees and contributions

All information regarding the calculation of taxes and contributions, with the related deadlines and payment methods, will be available in the 2022/2023 Student Guide published on the University websites http://web.uniroma2.it/ e http://studenti.uniroma2.it/.
The Guide will also specify all the possibilities of total or partial exemption from the payment of taxes and contributions.