Exam Prof. Barbato, 8067491 Drug Analysis, for the II year, module 2

Exam Prof. Barbato, 8067491 Drug Analysis, for the II year, module 2

The mod. 2 (prof. Gaetano Barbato) of the exam 8067491 Drug Analysis II year, to be held the 23/09 and the 6/10 will be on Teams in REMOTE for all the students.

The written tests will be held in conformity with the modality explained in the instruction file attached:
“Instruction file for the exam code 8067491 drug analysis exam II year, Mod. 2 prof. Barbato.pdf”

Read carefully the instructions, and set-up the camera display as explained in the instruction file.
Failure to accomplish the set-up will determine exclusion from the remote exam.

Note there’s a MANDATORY preliminary check of your set-up to be held by:

September 20th at 15.00 for the exam session of 23/09,

October 1st at 15:00 for the exam session of 6/10.

DEADLINES and how to reserve the exam:

Session of the 23/09 deadline reservation is September 19 at 24:00.

Session of the 6/10 deadline reservation is September 30 at 24:00.

The exam MUST be reserved on the following Teams channel:

In the dedicated chat space, writing your surname, name, matricola.
Reservation will automatically be done also for the MANDATORY checking session.

If you have questions please send a message to prof. Gaetano Barbato in the Teams chat, do not send e-mails.

Instruction file for the exam code 8067491