Admission Test A.Y. 2020-2021 ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA

Admission Test A.Y. 2020-2021 ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA

In response to the current emergency situation, starting from May, CISIA will provide ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA home tests to allow students to take TOLCs remotely for the academic year 2020-2021.
ENGLISH TOLC@-FCASA tests are provided to individual students through the CISIA platform using tools and technology that allow to create secure and controlled virtual classrooms in which candidates can be reliably identified and carry out their tests autonomously. Virtual classrooms are created and managed by universities in collaboration with CISIA. Information and instructions on the equipment required to take ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA tests can be found on the CISIA website.

The ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA is an individual test, different for each participant, composed of questions automatically and randomly selected from the CISIA TOLC database with a software developed and managed by CISIA – Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l’Accesso.
TheENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA test is carried out on the computer and allows to participate in any selection for which the ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA is required: it is not necessary, therefore, to support it at the same location of the course of your interest.
Once you have taken the ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA test, you can apply to one of the intakes of Pharmacy. The selection will be based on the score obtained at the ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA, weighted according to the criteria set out in the Call for Applications.

The ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA test structure

The ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA consists of 50 questions divided into 5 sections. The sections are: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Logic.


The result of each ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA is determined by the number of questions answered correctly, wrong or unanswered which make up the total score as follows: 1 point for each correct answer, 0 points for each unanswered question and a penalty of 0.25 points for each incorrect answer.

For more information: Structure and Syllabus 

How and When to enrol in the ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA Test
Carefully read the Call for Applications to check the deadlines for registration toENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA and to the intakes.
To register for ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA you must access the CISIA website, select ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA,  date and pay the fee of € 30 payable by MAV or credit card.
Check the calendar of English TOLC-F@CASA sessions organized by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
– For the Subscription watch this video tutorial

The ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA score, divided into the various sections, will immediately become visible on the CISIA website at the end of the test, entering with the credentials used for booking. This score must be parameterized with the coefficients for each section that are indicated in the Call for Applications.
At the deadline indicated in the Call for Applications will be published the ranking list based on the scores of the ENGLISH TOLC-F@CASA test “weighted” according to the criteria set out in the Call.

How to enrol in the Degree Programme
Once you have passed the selection process, to enrol in the Degree Programme please consult the “Enrolment & Payment” page and follow the instructions and deadlines set out in the Call for Applications very carefully.


In this page there are more information about TOLC@CASA

TOLC@CASA Instructions

For more information about call for applications:

Linee guida – Esami di profitto on-line

Linee guida – Esami di profitto on-line

Il decreto elettorale 888/2020 ha emanato le “linee guida” per le modalità di svolgimento degli esami di profitto on line.

Inoltre, secondo lo stesso viene emanato che gli esami scritti e orali nonché le prove finali per il conseguimento del titolo  presso l’Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” avverranno in modalità esclusivamente a distanza fino al 30 luglio 2020, e comunque fino a revoca della presente disposizione. Link  di Ateneo

Linee Guida – Esami di Profitto On Line

Decreto Elettorale 888/2020

Online Graduation Tutorial

Online Graduation Tutorial

This is a quick guide for those students who will graduate online. Before you start remember to:

– not to invite other people in the room during your online graduation.
– deactivate your microphone and camera while other candidates are being examinated.
– email a copy of your presentation (.pdf or .ppt formats) at least one day prior to your graduation exam session so that the Commission can read it in case of technical problems.

Download Microsoft Teams

The software necessary to participate in the online degree session is the Microsoft Teams platform. To participate in the session it is not necessary to have a specific account, however for a better user experience it is recommended to download and install the Desktop version of Microsoft Teams (Download here).

For a better use of the platform it is recommended to use a laptop or desktop computer, equipped with video camera and microphone. We also recommend using the Chrome or Edge browsers.

Session Convocation

The Commission will send both a personal and an institutional email with the announcement of the graduation session containing the necessary  information and with the references to contact if technical problems arise.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-00-1-1024x520.png

To participate in the session remotely, simply click on the link (Partecipa alla riunione di Microsoft Teams) you find in the convocation email.

N.B: None – other than the graduating student – is allowed to participate in the session.

Participate in the Session

The next screen will show two buttons: Download the Windows app (Scarica l’app di Windows) or Join on the Web (Partecipa sul Web). We recommend using this second option.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-1024x701.png

To access the meeting, simply enter your name and press on Join now.

The candidate is invited to:
• disable the microphone and the camera waiting to be called by the Commission,
• check the devices (by selecting the speaker, microphone and video camera before starting the session).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-01.png

The candidate will remain “on hold” until the Commission authorizes the candidate to participate (pic below).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-02-1024x637.png

The candidate can use various features by clicking on the buttons of the bar:

• activate / deactivate the camera;
• activate / deactivate the microphone;
• show participants the screen of their computer (for example to show one
PowerPoint presentation);
• open the chat to write to the Commission or receive replies.

In particular, through the meeting chat it is possible to interact with the Commission without interfering with the graduation session.

We ask for the maximum collaboration from the candidate in following the instructions of the Commission in order to allow a correct development of the graduation session.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-03-1024x616.png

Identifying the Candidate

The President will invite the candidate to identify himself.  Candidates must therefore activate the video camera, and reactivate the audio showing their face and a valid identification document.

Valid ID‘s include identity card, passport, driving license, nautical license, pension booklet, license to run thermal plants, firearms license, identification cards as long as they are provided of photograph and stamp or other equivalent signature, issued by a state administration.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-04-1024x501.png

During the test, it is required that only the candidate examined, in addition to the Commission, keeps the video camera and the microphone active.

Share your presentation

If you want to run a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the Share (Condividi) function present in the button bar

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-05-1024x355.png

Microsoft Teams allows the candidate to share the screen or a PowerPoint file present on their computer and which can be selected with the browse (Sfoglia) button.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-06-1024x306.png

Using the controls at the bottom left, you can move the presentation forward or backward or stop it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-07-1024x431.png

Once the presentation is over, you can stop the presentation or share the screen with the appropriate Stop sharing button.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is online-graduation-08-1024x275.png

At the end of the discussion, the commission will meet in confidential form to establish the graduation mark, pausing the meeting with the candidates.

Subsequently, the commission will proceed to the proclamation by reopening the meeting with the candidates.

Office 365 e

Instruction Graduation

FAQ Students: Teaching, Exam and Graduation

FAQ Students: Teaching, Exam and Graduation

1. What is the solution following the interruption of experimental thesis and training inPharmacy?

We can not offer a solution, we are waiting for same clarifications from our  Rector and competent authorities, that we will promptly share with you.We  will be flexible as much as possible and decide on a case-by-case basis. For the time being, we musthope that the containment measures adopted by the Italian government will lead to a prompt recovery ofactivities.

2. Will the seminars scheduled for the a.a. 2019-2020 still be held?

Unfortunately we had to cancel seminars and other programmed events; however, I have ensured that these will be held in the nextacademic year. Optional courses will be held remotely according to the calendar published on our website.

3. Is there a graduation session in May 2020?

The May graduation session has been postponed to the 11thof June and will be held remotely. This session is part of AY 2018/2019 and is intended only for students“in cautelativa”.  A specific regulation (in Italian) for the carrying out of  these exams wasissued recently and is available at . Please also follow our pharmacy website for instructions and deadlines.

4. When is the Pharmacist state exam scheduled? We still did not receive information for the Esame di Stato, since this is not directly organized by Pharmacy course.

5. How will exams in the summer session take place?

We cannot anticipate how these exams will be carried out. Some of you might have returned to their native countries and possibly could encounter problems in returning to Italy. I foresee that it will be possible to carryout oral examinations remotely, however we are still waiting to receive instructions on how a written-type examination can take place.

6. Who can I contact if I have doubts? 

For problems related to a specific course please contact directly the professor.For general problems, the Didactic Secretariat and the Course Coordinator is available to find solutions withinthe limits of common sense!

Information Exam – prof. Carbone

Information Exam – prof. Carbone

Due to the emergency of the coronavirus, as long as the lockdown is in place, it will be possible to make the exam of general and bio-inorganic chemistry, module I online, through the Teams platform. Those who want to participate need to be capable of writing on a common desktop during the examination.

The dates of the exams have to be agreed upon, individually.

Coronavirus Update 8: Taxes, ISEE and Graduation Sessions

Coronavirus Update 8: Taxes, ISEE and Graduation Sessions

Given the continuing of the epidemiological state of emergency due to the Covid-19, the Rector has decreed what follows.

Tuition Fee Payment

The deadline for the second installment payment has been deferred to 10th June 2020, for both the tuition fees that were to be paid within 31st March and 29th May 2020.

ISEE Submission for Msc/MA students

For MSc/MA students enrolled to the first year of their programme after 1st March, the ISEE submission deadline has been postponed to 30th May 2020.

Graduation Sessions

Graduation sessions for all the programmes at Tor Vergata University of Rome will only take place using distance learning platforms.

Final thesis commissions will be made of at least three members, including the session President. The graduating student will be asked to show the Commission a valid ID and at the end of the dissertation, upon positive completion, the President will declare the student graduated, mentioning the final mark.

Each School will set an extra graduation session between 10th and 15th June 2020. All the students having submitted the Precautionary Application (Domanda Cautelativa) and the Graduation Request (Domanda di Laurea) within 30 days before the day set for the session, will be admitted to it.

Students who have already submitted their Graduation Request for March, April and May 2020 sessions, and who have communicated the impossibility of taking the Final Exam, will be automatically registered to the June 2020 session.

Coronavirus Update 6: Starting online classes

Coronavirus Update 6: Starting online classes

Teachers are now enabled to teach online classes. In order to take part in online classes students will need to follow a few necessary steps.


Before you can join lessons you must own a university email account, the email credentials, and have activated your free Office 365 account. Click on the button above for the guide.

How to Join Online Classes (Classi Virtuali)

  • Enter Delphi ( in the personal area with your University credentials.
  • From the initial menu Click on EXAMS – “Teaching courses frequency”
  • Click on “Course registration” and enter your email.
  • Select the type of order (per course or per teacher).
  • Choose the class you wish join from the proposed list. If the chosen class is not visible yet, please contact your teacher for further information.
  • To see the exam in the Microsoft Teams software it is necessary
    Enter Delphi ( in the personal area with the University credentials.

Connect the Virtual Class to Microsoft Teams

Before this step you must have already activated your Office 365 credentials.

  • From the initial menu Click on EXAMS – “Teaching courses frequency”: A table with the exams you have enrolled in will be displayed.
  • In the CLASSI VIRTUALI column all courses with an available online classroom enabled will show the “Join Now” link (under teacher’s name).
  • Click on “Join Now” to connect the course to Microsoft Teams.
  • Once you click “Join Now” you will be connected to Microsoft Teams which you can access through Office 365 credentials.

Updates and Tutorials

Since there will be more updates and we will be uploading online guidesand video tutorials for the online lessons please remember to periodically check out the following site:

We need blood: donate now!

We need blood: donate now!

We wish to thank all those who accepted our call for blood donation: Thanks to your participation, in the last few days more than 100 blood bags have been collected for the patients of our hospital Policlinico Tor Vergata.

In these days of great tension, concern and uncertainty we are extremely proud and happy for the incredible response in solidarity and altruism of the Tor Vergata community.

Auto-blood bank

The Policlinico Tor Vergata hospital staff will be parked outside the School of Economics in Via Columbia 2 with an auto-blood bank on the mornings of 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18 March 2020 waiting for blood donors.

Book your Donation

You can book your donation by phone at +39 06 2090 8194 from 9.00 to 12.00 or by email:

Thank you very much on behalf of all the people who take care of the Policlinico Tor Vergata every day.

The Rector – Prof. Orazio Schillaci

Coronavirus Update 5: Country Lockdown

Coronavirus Update 5: Country Lockdown

The Decree of 9 March 2020 (DPCM 9 Marzo 2020) introduces further measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. These measures demand all of us to take radically change our lifestyle and ways of working embracing the imposed rules with common sense.

Also in our territory, the Decree extends the suspension of in class teaching and curricular activities until April 3, 2020.

Medical and health courses excluded

The decree excludes from the suspension the courses for doctors in specialist training, and the activities of trainees of the health professions who, as regards those carried out at the Policlinico Tor Vergata, have suffered limitations imposed by the Health Department.

Students of all health professions, with the exception of the third year of the degree course in Nursing, can continue their activities at all medical and surgical facilities with the exception of the emergency room.


Please note that all research activities are not suspended and that administrative offices are open with some limitations of reception to the public, while still guaranteeing remote assistance.

Administrative Staff

Since the DPCM does not mention the suspension of work activities therefore there are no restrictions in reaching offices and work places.

Tor Vergata University has authorized the application of smart-work for members of the administrative, technical and libraries staff if compatible with the needs of the service.

Online Lessons

Teaching activities (lessons, doctoral exams and degree exams) will be carried out, up until April 3, 2020, in online mode, so that the educational path of all students is not further affected.


Exams already scheduled are suspended until April 3, 2020.

Office Hours / Appointments

In office appointments and office hours for all students are suspended and will be carried out exclusively online.

Public Tender / Open Competitions / Concorsi

All open competitions procedures are suspended with the exception of those in which the assessment of candidates is carried out exclusively on curricular basis or online.

Public competitions for health personnel are excluded from suspension, including state examinations and qualification to practice as a surgeon.

A painful choice

We are aware that closing libraries and study rooms, as well as postponing conferences, congresses, meetings and events of any nature, represents a painful choice.

What we are doing today is the consequence of an emergency which we must face with discipline, sense of duty and common sense, in order to be able to return to our respective training and work paths as soon as possible.

Saving lives

A thought of deep respect and gratitude to our doctors, nurses, trainees and trainees in the medical area who, like their colleagues throughout Italy, are committed daily to save the lives of our loved ones.