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How to apply to the admission test


From 11 June 2018 to 3 September 2018, in order to participate to the admission test, all the students will have to:

1. Fill out the online application form, available on;
2. Select Student Section> key 1> Apply to the Admission Test > Start Application Procedures > School of

Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences > Fill out the application form. At the end of the procedure, the application sheet and a bank bulletin (with a CTRL code) will be provided;
N.B. The candidates residing abroad must attach to the application for the participation to the test a copy of the passport and for the non-EU candidates also the copy of the request for pre-registration presented to the Italian Diplomatic Mission in the country of origin. (Upload here)

3. Print the application sheet (and keep it with you) and the bank bulletin with a 30,00 euro payment to be made (NB: International students not residing in Italy, please read below to get instructions about the bulletin);

4. Go to any Unicredit bank and pay the 30,00 euro; on the receipt issued by the bank you will find an AUTH code;

5. Enter again to the Delphi system (; )> Select Student Section> key 1> Apply to the Admission Test > Validate Application (key b) > insert CTRL and AUTH codes.

✓ It is possible to pay online the due amount, on the Italian website of the Unicredit bank: 1. Connet to: 2. Select servizi internet e mobile e self service> 3. click tutti i servizi internet e mobile > 4. altri servizi > 5. Select tasse universitarie – link “approfondisci” > Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata – link “pagamenti”.


It is mandatory to pay and validate the payment on the Delphi system within 3 September 2018 in order to be admitted to participate to the test. A protocol number will be assigned by the system to each candidate at the moment of the above-mentioned validation.

The 30,00 euro fee is not refundable for any reason.