Exam Prof. Barbato, 8067491 Drug Analysis, for the II year, module 2

Exam Prof. Barbato, 8067491 Drug Analysis, for the II year, module 2

The mod. 2 (prof. Gaetano Barbato) of the exam 8067491 Drug Analysis II year, to be held the 23/09 and the 6/10 will be on Teams in REMOTE for all the students.

The written tests will be held in conformity with the modality explained in the instruction file attached:
“Instruction file for the exam code 8067491 drug analysis exam II year, Mod. 2 prof. Barbato.pdf”

Read carefully the instructions, and set-up the camera display as explained in the instruction file.
Failure to accomplish the set-up will determine exclusion from the remote exam.

Note there’s a MANDATORY preliminary check of your set-up to be held by:

September 20th at 15.00 for the exam session of 23/09,

October 1st at 15:00 for the exam session of 6/10.

DEADLINES and how to reserve the exam:

Session of the 23/09 deadline reservation is September 19 at 24:00.

Session of the 6/10 deadline reservation is September 30 at 24:00.

The exam MUST be reserved on the following Teams channel:

In the dedicated chat space, writing your surname, name, matricola.
Reservation will automatically be done also for the MANDATORY checking session.

If you have questions please send a message to prof. Gaetano Barbato in the Teams chat, do not send e-mails.

Instruction file for the exam code 8067491 

Covid-19 update: Tor Vergata launches vaccination service for students

Covid-19 update: Tor Vergata launches vaccination service for students

Dear all,
after the long period that has kept us away due to the Covid-19 pandemic and which has imposed general restrictive measures, lessons and work activities are finally resumed.
For this reason, in collaboration with the Policlinico Tor Vergata Hospital (PTV) and the “La Vela” vaccination center, Tor Vergata University of Rome has activated a service dedicated to all students (Italian and international), teachers and technical administrative staff who are yet to obtain their Covid-19 Green Pass certification and who wish to be vaccinated.
Following the publication of the decree law n. 111 of 6 August 2021, which introduced the obligation, starting from 1 September, to present a Green Pass to attend universities, Tor Vergata University wants to make a concrete contribution to the vaccination campaign and facilitate those who want to join it with this initiative.
Starting from today, every day including the weekend, from 11:00 to 13:00, it will be possible to get the Covid-19 vaccine at the centre “La Vela di Calatrava” in Tor Vergata, upon registration on the platform exclusively dedicated to our university community.
The vaccines available at the centre are: Pfizer, Moderna e Johnson&Johnson
centro vaccinazione anti covid la vela tor vergata
The following requirements are needed to access the vaccination:
Fiscal code;
Be in possession of the Health card (Tessera Sanitaria) or its provisional copy, issued by the ASL;
Not have been vaccinated;
to access the vaccination centre you must make a reservation through the online procedure available at the link ( prenotazioni.uniroma2.it – Vaccine Reservation ) selecting the available date and time on the calendar.
Once registered, you can show up to the appointment at the centre “LA VELA”, located in via dell’Archiginnasio, 00133 Rome, by showing an identification document, health card (or a copy of the same) and the attached form already filled and then follow the procedures indicated.
Regarding the students who received other vaccines and certificates than those currently recognized by the Ministry of Health, it should be noted that on 27 August 2021, the MUR addressed a specific question to the Scientific Technical Committee aimed to acquiring further information about the recognition of the vaccines not accepted by the EMA or recognized by the EMA but made in a non-EU country.
The University has arranged the following procedure while waiting for the specific directives to be issued by the competent authorities:
Set an appointment with the Welcome Office by clicking on the following link: prenotazioni.uniroma2.it/welcome-office/
Go to the appointment and submit the certificate of the vaccine or any other appropriate documentation
Subsequently, the student will be contacted to receive the provisional exemption certificate for the anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, which will allow to obtain the certificate of exemption from the Green pass as required by the ministerial decree 35309 of 4 August 2021 (Certificate of exemption for the anti-COVID-19 vaccine).

For further information: accoglienza@uniroma2.it or welcome@uniroma2.it
Once again I appeal to your sense of responsibility out of respect for all of us and for our loved ones.
Kind regards,

Orazio Schillaci

Notice for foreign students

Notice for foreign students

After uploading the permit of stay /receipt of your request for renewal, the original must be taken to the Student Secretariat (the first building you see on your right-hand side after the bridge).
It is necessary to book an appointment at: https://prenotazioni.uniroma2.it/

Remember to bring the self-certification with you, which can be downloaded when making the appointment.

Only after the presentation of the original document to the Student secretariat, the student will be allowed to enroll in the academic year 2021/2022.

Second round of selection: Admission a.y. 2021-2022

Second round of selection: Admission a.y. 2021-2022


Regarding the provisions of the Call for Admission to the Single Cycle Master’s Degree program with limited access in Pharmacy in English language (D.R. 812/2021, prot. 18152  of 08/04/2021), art. 8, as there are still vacancies following the completion of the first selection round, the second selection round is held to cover these positions for:

  • – n. Nineteen (19) places for Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy under art. 26 of the law 189/2002;
  • – n. Eleven (11) places reserved for non-EU citizens residing abroad who are applying for a visa.

Second Round of SELECTION – ENG

Second Round of SELECTION – ITA

Information about ECTS – to be admitted to the III year

practical tips

To be admitted to the III year, the student must have earned at least 70 ECTS by the last useful exam session of the autumn session (October); to proceed with enrollment in the IV year, the student must have passed the three-year exams of at least 120 ECTS, according to the same timing (October) and in compliance with the preparatory requirements established by the Course Council.

The Didactic Secretariat monitors the students’ careers and the actual compliance with the prerequisites.
The overcoming of the blocks must be carried out by the last useful session of the ordinary session of October of the relative academic year.

Given the emergency that has greatly disrupted our organization, this year – as well as last year – we made an exception to this rule. But the block relating to the passage between the third and fourth (for the current third AY 2021/2022) will persist next year.