NEWS: Exam Schedule A.Y. 2019-20!!!

NEWS: Exam Schedule A.Y. 2019-20!!!

Below is degree course in Pharmacy exam schedule for academic year 2019/20

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Below is the list of Straordinary Appeals for The Outside Prescribed Time, Erasmus and Nottingham Students.

Straordinary Appeals

Only “fuori corso” students or, at the discretion, student who have not been able to take part in the ordinary exam sessions during the same academic year, are authorized to take in the extraordinary session.

Regolamento disciplinare e Carta dei diritti per gli studenti di “Tor Vergata”

Regolamento disciplinare e Carta dei diritti per gli studenti di “Tor Vergata”

Photoprotection Course

Photoprotection Course

The Photoprotection: An Overview Course will be organized at the Faculty of Pharmacy (Room 4, Building PP1) by Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” in the morning of November  25th, 2019 (11:00-13:00).

Agenda – Carles Trullàs Open Innovation Director ISDIN


  • Cutaneous effects of sun radiation
  • Concept of SPF. History of photoprotection and SPF methods
  • Protection beyond UV and new endpoints for the assessment of sunscreen efficacy
  • Physical and chemical filters
  • Design and development of topical sunscreens
  • Evaluation of cosmetic acceptability and safety of sunscreens Sunscreens and Skin Diseases
  • Environmental impact of sunscreens

Course structure

Course structure

The course degree in Pharmacy at Tor Vergata University of Rome is divided in 5 years.

Below is the list of exams and relative CFU points. For further info please contact us.

Current Didactic Table

New Didactic Table

Note: The new didactic table will be valid only for students matriculated from the academic year 19/20 as first year students.

Students matriculated in previous academic years will follow the current didactic table.