YUFE Help Desks: Co-create the future of both your region and Europe

YUFE Help Desks: Co-create the future of both your region and Europe

Experience Europe right at your doorstep and co-create the future of both your region and Europe. The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance aims to create a European University, but to also bring local communities and universities closer together. One of the first concrete steps in this framework are the YUFE Help Desks.
YUFE Help Desks will provide citizens with the opportunity to ask questions on different topics, e.g. legal issues, entrepreneurial advice, digital tools/applications, economics, studying, developing language skills, etc.
Questions will be answered by the students of YUFE universities under the supervision of university staff. Working at the Help Desk will not only give you practical experience, but also enable you to earn YUFE stars based on learning agreements and/or, when Help Desks are part of the study curricula, ECTS credits. For staff, Help Desks offer a platform to engage more closely with society. Detailed information on how to enrol will be available at the beginning of 2021.
Help Desks can be found in the city, the university campuses or are run online. The first Help Desks will be launched in May 2021, and the information on the respective locations and opening hours will be available to citizens of the YUFE regions and students and staff of YUFE universities in early spring 2021.

For more information: yufe.eu/citizens-and-cities/.

Procedure for Temporary Teams Account Request

Procedure for Temporary Teams Account Request

The procedure for requesting a temporary Teams account is reserved to:
• New International students (ongoing enrollment on Delphi platform for the 2020/2021 academic year, and already registered on the Universitaly portal)
• New Bachelor Degree students (pending the final secondary school exams and diploma certificate for 2020) for Italian students
• New Master Degree students (pending the final Bachelor dissertation and degree certificate for the 2019/2020 academic year) for Italian students
Please follow these steps:
1. Fill in the FORM and verify that you have correctly entered your personal email address. If the request is successful, at the end you will receive a summary email; should this confirmation not arrive, please contact us.
2. The Welcome Office will approve the request.
3. You will receive an email with a username and password to log into Teams.
4. Connect to Teams from WEB (https://teams.microsoft.com) log in and set your personal password.
5. Download and install the Microsoft Teams app.
In order to access to the online lessons, join by using the Teams code or Teams link of the class on the website of your course of attendance.
For assistance, contact us: welcome@uniroma2.onmicrosoft.com.

Second Round Selection

Second Round Selection

The General ranking list for the 16 (sixteen) seats available to italian, eu and non-eu citizens legally residing in italy  and 2 (two) seats reserved for non-eu citizens residing abroad of the admission call for the registration of thedegree course in pharmacy are available:

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ITA

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ENG

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ITA

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ENG

Procedures transfer other University/Courses- ITA

Procedures Transfer other University/Courses – ENG

Eligible candidates who do not enrol within the deadlines described will be regarded as renouncers.


Even after obtaining a valid score, candidates are excluded in the following cases:

1) non-EU citizens residing abroad who did not submit the pre-enrollment application form on the universitaly platform before taking the test;

2) non-EU citizens having declared their residence / domicile in Italy who did not attach a valid residence permit when registering for the test.

Also excluded are those who have not obtained a minimum score of 18/50 or have taken the test in Italian (TOLC-F) and not the ENGLISH TOLC-F in English as required by the call.

Exam Information: Drug Analysis II – prof. Barbato

Exam Information: Drug Analysis II – prof. Barbato

“For the Exam Drug Analysis II, prof. Barbato reserve through Delphi, and subscribe to the channel of the exam on Teams, to this purpose send a mail to gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it.
The Written session will take place on 15th october PP1 (aula to be determined) following this timing:
Module 1: Student identification and seat positioning will start at 9.00am, the test will start at 9.30am, duration 1 hour. Module 2: Student identification and seat positioning will start at 10.45am, the test will start at 11.00am, duration 1 hour.”

Please be on time to ensure positioning will take place ensuring strict distance compliance, students should enter class wearing safety mask.”

Results will be communicated the 15th evening through the teams platform to each student.
The oral session will be in remote session using Teams Platform starting the 16th october at 9.00.

“Per la sessione d’esame di Drug Analysis II prof. Barbato prenotarsi su Delphi, e iscrivendosi anche al canale Teams per l’esame, a questo scopo bisogno inviare una mail a gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it.
La sessione degli scritti avrà luogo il 15 ottobre pp1 (aula to be determined), e seguirà la seguente tempistica:
Modulo 1: Identificazione studenti e posizionamento inizierà alle ore 9.00, il test inizierà alle 9.30, durata 1 ora. Modulo 2 l’identificazione studenti e posizionamento inizierà alle 10.45, il test inizierà alle 11.00, durata 1 ora.”

Per cortesia assicurare puntualità per le procedure di posizionamento che avranno luogo in stretta osservanza delle regole di distanziamento, gli studenti debbono entrare in classe indossando la mascherina di sicurezza.

I risultati saranno comunicati il 15 in serata mediante la piattaforma Teams.
La sessione orale avrà luogo in remoto mediante la piattaforma Teams iniziando il 16 alle ore 9.00.