Teaching Staff


University of Rome Tor Vergata’s Faculty of Pharmacy teachers and courses taught. Click on the name you are interested in to view the personal dedicated page.

Aducci P.
Plant Physiology
Alhaique F.Pharmaceutical Technology
Barbato G.Drug Analysis II
Module II
Lange H.Drug Analysis II
Module I
Aquilano K.Nutraceuticals and Human Health
Barchi M.Human Anatomy
Bei R.General Pathology
Botta L.Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry II°
Campanella M.
Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology I
Candi E.
Molecular Biology
Canini A.
Botany and Medicinal Plants
Ciottoli G.B.

Pharmaceutical Technologies
Ciriolo M.R.Biochemistry
Gargioli C.Cellular and Development Biology
Crestini C.
General and Inorganic Chemistry
De Martino M.G.
Pharmaceutical And Toxicological Chemistry 1
Di Renzo L.Dietary Sciences
Ercolani G.Organic Chemistry
Graziani G.
Pharmaceutical Biology / Chemotherapy
Iacobelli S.Medical Statistics
Lucci M.Physics
Macchi B.Pharmaceutical Biology
Malisan F.Immunology
Massa F.
Trading Law
Nisticò R.
General and Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology (III YEAR)
Neuropsychopharmacology (IV YEAR)
Palleschi G.
Chemistry of Equilibria
Piacentini M.
Cell and Developmental Biology
Rossi P.
Human Anatomy
Palleschi G.
Analytical Chemistry
Zona C.Physiology
Celeste MGItalian Pharmaceutical Legislation
Nicolotti O.Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry I°
Module I