Admission Test

The admission test to the One-cycle Degree in Pharmacy consists in:

  1. A written test consisting of 60 questions (multiple choice) aimed at ascertaining the preparation on the disciplines of secondary schools expected for the academic programme of the course such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, besides a section on general culture.
  2. An oral test aiming at verifying the knowledge of the English language.


The written test (multiple choice) will be taken on 24th September 2019 at the Department of Biology, Building PP1, Classroom 8 in the School of Sciences; Via Ricerca Scientifica n. 1- 00133 Rome – at 09:30 am; candidates will be identified on the same day starting from 8:30 am.

The candidates will have 90 minutes for the written test.

The oral test will take place on the same day (24th September 2019), soon after the written test.


The evaluation will consider the following criteria:

  • Maximum 60 points for the written test (1 point for each correct answer, 0 points for each incorrect answer or each not given answer);

(N.B.  To pass the written test the candidate must respond correctly to a minimum of 24 questions)

  • Knowledge of English language (oral test)

N.B.: Candidates not passing the English oral test will be excluded from the final ranking, independently from the written test score. In case of equal score, the youngest student will prevail in the final ranking.


On the day of the test, non-EU candidates will have to show the following documentation to the examining committee:

  • Copy of the residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno)
  • Copy of the passport

Besides, only for non-EU applicants applying for a visa for study purposes, the copy of the pre-enrolment application submitted to the Italian diplomatic mission in the country of origin must also be presented to the Committee.

Candidates are not allowed to bring briefcases, mobile phones, computers, manuscripts, books or publications, and any other items are not allowed in the classroom unless the Admission Committee gives different indications.  The use of a scientific calculator is allowed as long as it does not require a connection to the electricity and is not provided with a wireless connection. Moreover, during the written test students are not allowed to communicate with each other, except for the members of the Admission Committee or the proctoring staff.

For all the operations mentioned above, the Committee shall draw up a report.


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