Exam Date: 8067491 – Drug Analysis module 1

Exam Date: 8067491 – Drug Analysis module 1

Due to unexpected circumstances the 8067491 Drug Analysis module 1 exam date has been delayed to the day 22/09 at 10:30, aula to be disclosed on Delphi.

For those students who have already passed the pre-required exams to reserve for 8067491 Drug Analysis module 2, and will pass the 8067491 Drug Analysis module 1 on the day 22/09, there will be an extra date reserved exclusively for them on the day 29th at 9:30, aula to be disclosed on Delphi.

UPDATED Ranking List a.y. 2022-2023 is on line!!!

UPDATED Ranking List a.y. 2022-2023 is on line!!!

A.Y. 2022-2023

The general ranking of merit will be formulated by inserting ONLY candidates who have registered within the set deadlines and have taken the English TOLC-F CISIA test at one of the participating universities in the period indicated.

The General Ranking list, formulated and approved by the Commission, will be drawn up based on the score obtained in the English TOLC-F test.

Available seats

The admission is subject to passing an examination, for a total number of 80 seats distributed as follows:

a) 60 (sixty) places available to Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens legally living in Italy (art. 2, Italian Law n. 189/2002);

b) 20 (twenty) places reserved to non-EU citizens resident abroad (two of which are reserved to Chinese students participating in the “Marco Polo” programme)—applying for the vis

In the case of a tie, the youngest candidate will prevail.

The publication of the ranking will be valid for all purposes as official communication of the results.

No other form of communication of the general ranking list is admitted.

N.B. Candidates who did not pass the oral exam were not included in the ranking list as required by the Notice, art. 8.

PLEASE NOTE: Admitted candidates who have not completed the enrollment within the terms described will be considered to have withdrawn and the vacant places will be announced in the Second Selection Round in September.

Starting from September 15th 2022, the Notice will be published containing the information and the total number of places available.

The General ranking for the 80 admissions to the Degree Course in Pharmacy for Italian citizens, communitary citizens, and non-communitary citizens legally residing in Italy are available.

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List -eng

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List -ita


Since all the places available have not been covered, as required by the admission call.

It is confirmed that the activation of the second selection round has been activated for the category to Italian, E.U. and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy.
Starting from September 15th 2022, the Notice will be published containing the information and the total number of places available.

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – eng

Non-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List – ita

IMPORTANT: Non-EU candidates residing abroad, in order to obtain a visa, must follow the procedure for submitting the pre-registration application through the Universitaly portal (https://www.universitaly.it/), by the 8th August 2022.

Eligible candidates who do not enrol within the deadlines described will be regarded as renouncers.




Timetable of the Second Semester is on line!!!

Timetable of the Second Semester is on line!!!

Timetable for academic year 2021/2022 is available below.

Lessons of academic year 2021/2022 start on March 1st 2022 (II Semester)

Timetable for the Optional Courses is available below. Click on the links below to download the timetable:

or visit this page TIMETABLE

University holidays

Easter Break: April 15th 2022 to April 18th 2022

Classes end: May 31st 2022

Prof. Barbato 3rd year course Drug Analysis 2 (code 8066715) 12CFU

Prof. Barbato 3rd year course Drug Analysis 2 (code 8066715) 12CFU

Prof. Barbato 3rd year course Drug Analysis 2 (code 8066715) 12CFU, to be held the 2nd and 25th will be on Teams in REMOTE for all the students, however, there is also the opportunity of having it in the presence if students are compliant with super green pass (3 vaccinations green pass).

The student who wishes to choose the exam in the presence, besides reserving on DELPHI the usual way, he must send an e-mail to prof. Barbato (gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it) at least 4 days before the written exam date.

The TEAMS written tests will be held in conformity with the modality explained in the instruction file attached below:
Instruction file for the exam code 8066715 drug analysis 2 exam for III year (12CFU) prof. Barbato

Read carefully the instructions, concerning both the set-up the camera display and the download/upload procedure of the exam files.

Note for TEAMS exam, there’s a MANDATORY preliminary session where your set-up will be checked and approved and you’ll practice the procedure of downloading and uploading of files through the Teams “Assignment” function, sessions will be held on:

January 28th at 9:00AM for the exam session of 02/02.

February 18th at 9:00AM for the exam session of 25/02

DEADLINES and how to reserve the exam:

Reservation for the exam is on DELPHI, deadline is January 28th for the 02/02 date, and February 18th for the 25/02 date.

If you have questions please send a mail message to gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it, specifying your name matricola and year of registration (third year 8066715 Drug analysis exam), do not send messages on Teams chat.

Instruction file for the exam

Covid-19 update: Lessons, Exams, Graduation etc – New Procedures Starting January 7

Covid-19 update: Lessons, Exams, Graduation etc – New Procedures Starting January 7

The recent increase in covid-19 infections has prompted the Lazio Region to bring the Region back to the Yellow Zone: the state of emergency has been extended until March 31, 2022.

Below are the new measures that will be adopted by the University for the months of January and February 2022:
the goal is to safeguard teaching continuity for the benefit of students who are unable to participate in presence teaching or curricular activities, allowing them to participate remotely.

The following measures, adopted as a matter of urgency, are subject to updating on the basis of further governmental and / or ministerial provisions:


The teaching activity will be carried out in mixed mode, in presence or remotely, in order to guarantee everyone the opportunity to participate remotely through the live streaming of the lessons.

For those who intend to attend in person, access will be allowed up to the maximum number of seats available in the classrooms.

The number of places available has been redefined in compliance with the safety protocols aimed at safeguarding and protecting the health of all members of the university community by restoring the distance of at least one meter.

The control over the number of accesses will be guaranteed by booking on the “Delphi” portal, which will limit access to usable seats for each classroom.

Faculties are required to adopt the planning of teaching activities in compliance with these guidelines, taking into account their own internal needs.

The booking of face-to-face lessons through the “Delphi” portal can be made from at least 4 days before the date of the lesson you intend to attend until the day before and until all seats are available.

Online booking implies that the student is signing a mandatory self-certification on the state of health and compliance with the rules imposed by the safety protocols.

For access to the classrooms and other premises of the University, teachers and students must be in possession of the green pass and wear the FFP2 mask.

Exams – Written and Oral

The exams will be held in mixed mode in order to ensure that all students who request it have the opportunity to take the exam via Teams.

The reasons why students can apply to take the online exam are the following:

– Covid positive students;
– Quarantined students;
– students from outside Rome;
– frail students or frail family situations;
– foreign students unable to return to Italy;

The conditions described above must be self-declared on “Delphi” while registering for the exam. Registration will be guaranteed up to two days before the date of the exam itself.

If one of the reasons listed above occurs to the student after test registration deadline (two days before) if the student is regularly enrolled in the exam on Delphi, it will be possible to submit a justified request to take the test remotely via Microsoft Teams.

This request must be sent to the President of the Examination Commission who, having assessed the adequacy and objective feasibility of the same, will be able to accept the request.

The exams can be carried out in person only if the premises guarantee the safety distance. Students can access all the exam sessions available within each exam session.

Curricular and Educational Activities (Laboratories, Internships, Thesis etc)

To help students who are unable to participate in educational or curricular activities (Laboratories, Internships, Thesis etc) and for students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities, when possible, curricular and didactic activities can be carried out remotely.

All training activities, curricular activities and any other test or verification that are functional to the completion of the educational path will be recovered.

The absences accumulated by the students are not counted for the purposes of any admission to final exams as well as for the purposes of the related assessments.

For courses that take place mainly remotely, it will be possible to maintain the exams electronically through the Teams platform and the procedures already in use at the University.

Final Test/Exams (Graduation, etc)

The final tests for the attainment of the qualifications (ex. Graduation) will be carried out in mixed mode. Those who opt for the in presence mode can bring up to a maximum of two companions for each student (the companions must be in possession of a green pass and must wear FFp2 masks).

In presence modality can be implemented as long as distance and any other safety measures are always guaranteed in relation to the number of undergraduates. The evaluation will be carried out by the Faculty Dean / Macroarea Coordinator.

The reasons why students can apply to take the final exam online are the following:

– Covid positive students;
– Quarantined students;
– students from outside Rome;
– frail students or frail family situations;
– foreign students unable to return to Italy;

To prove the reasons listed above, self-certifications on Delphi will be accepted.

Libraries and Study Areas

The number of places available will be redefined in compliance with safety protocols aimed at safeguarding and protecting the health of all members of the university community by restoring the distance of at least one meter.

Safety Rules

Following the principle of individual and collective safety, presence on the University premises can only take place according to the following rules that students, teachers and staff are required to respect under their personal responsibility:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use the special dispensers of sanitizing solutions;
  • if you have symptoms of fever (over 37.5 °), cough, breathing difficulties or other symptoms such as diffuse myalgias, ageusia (lack of taste) and anosmia (loss of smell), you must stay at your home and immediately contact your doctor. General Medicine (or the Continuity Care Service) or, in case of severe symptoms, call 118;
  • keep the distance of at least 1 meter and avoid crowding situations;
  • in the classrooms, occupy only the seats / positions allowed, marked with specific signs, in order to allow the maintenance of an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter;
  • when you are in the university common areas (classrooms, laboratories, corridors, etc.) it is necessary to always wear an FFP2 mask and proceed with frequent ventilation;
  • avoid shaking hands and hugs and touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;
  • respect the dedicated information signs (entry and exit routes and those provided for internal movements), in order to implement the most effective measures to prevent gatherings;
  • sneeze and cough by covering the nose and mouth with the crook of the elbow or with disposable handkerchiefs.

Report a Case

If you are aware of anyone becoming positive to COVID-19 who have accessed the University please inform immediately the Covid 19 University Agent at the address referentecovid@uniroma2.it.

Vaccination Service for National and International students

Vaccination Service for National and International students

Dear all,

As you know, in collaboration with the Policlinico Tor Vergata Hospital (PTV) and the PTV – “La Vela” vaccination center, Tor Vergata University of Rome has activated a service dedicated to all students (Italian and international), teachers and technical administrative staff who are yet to obtain their Covid-19 Green Pass certification and who wish to be vaccinated.

Following the publication of the decree law n. 111 of 6 August 2021, which introduced the obligation, starting from 1 September, to present a Green Pass to attend universities, Tor Vergata University wanted to make a concrete contribution to the vaccination campaign and facilitate those who want to join it with this initiative.

We would like to remind that the service is available for all national and international students, teachers and administrative staff.

Furthermore, the Circular of the Ministry of Health in attachment, n° 50269 dated November 4th, 2021, had implemented the opportunity to book the vaccination to all students vaccinated abroad with a vaccine not authorized/recognized by EMA.

All national students resident in Lazio region or outside Lazio region and international students can book the second or third dosis at the vaccination Centre “La Vela”

Every day including the weekend, from 17:30 to 19:30, it will be possible to get the Covid-19 vaccine at the centre PTV – “La Vela di Calatrava” in Tor Vergata, upon registration on the platform exclusively dedicated to our university community.

The following requirements are needed to access the vaccination:

  •          Fiscal code;
  •          Be in possession of the Health card (Tessera Sanitaria) or its provisional copy, issued by the ASL;
  •          Vaccination certificates in case of second or third dosis

How to register: take an appointment by using the following platform:  https://uniroma2.startbooking.it/  – select Prenotazione Vaccino and choose date and time according to the availabilities on the calendar.

Once registered, applicants must show up at the appointment at “La Vela”, in via dell’Archiginnasio, 00133 Rome, bringing the identification document, health card (or the provisional copy) and vaccination certificate describing the type of vaccine, the number of doses, the batch number and the dates of administration.

For further information: welcome@uniroma2.it

Best regards

Welcome Office

Tor Vergata University of Rome

Upload Degree Thesis on Delphi System

Upload Degree Thesis on Delphi System


The necessary steps are as follows:

– The student enters the graduation application by selecting his/her supervisor from a drop-down list;
– Print the application and pay the relative payment slip of €16.00 and validate;
– Submit the documentation to the Student Secretariat (at present by email: segreteria-studenti@scienze.uniroma2.it);
– Within the deadline for submitting the thesis, the student must log back into Delphi and proceed with uploading the file;
– The lecturer will have a function to consult the uploaded document from his / her Delphi menu
– In the event of a request for thesis integration, the student can resubmit an updated file;
– The teacher validates the loaded thesis.

Upload deadline: No later than 8 days before the graduation session.


Procedure for Temporary Teams Account Request

Procedure for Temporary Teams Account Request

The procedure for requesting a temporary Teams account is reserved to:
• New International students (ongoing enrollment on Delphi platform for the 2020/2021 academic year, and already registered on the Universitaly portal)
• New Bachelor Degree students (pending the final secondary school exams and diploma certificate for 2020) for Italian students
• New Master Degree students (pending the final Bachelor dissertation and degree certificate for the 2019/2020 academic year) for Italian students
Please follow these steps:
1. Fill in the FORM and verify that you have correctly entered your personal email address. If the request is successful, at the end you will receive a summary email; should this confirmation not arrive, please contact us.
2. The Welcome Office will approve the request.
3. You will receive an email with a username and password to log into Teams.
4. Connect to Teams from WEB (https://teams.microsoft.com) log in and set your personal password.
5. Download and install the Microsoft Teams app.
In order to access to the online lessons, join by using the Teams code or Teams link of the class on the website of your course of attendance.
For assistance, contact us: welcome@uniroma2.onmicrosoft.com.