Social impact of Coronavirus

Social impact of Coronavirus

Dear students!

Roskilde University (Denmark) is engaged in the research project “The Social Impact of the coronavirus crisis in 10 Universities”. We would appreciate your participation as Tor Vergata students!

The leading researchers on the project are Anders Ejrnæs and Bjørn Thomassen, both Professor (mso) in Social Sciences and they have requested the supervision for Italy of the anthropologist professor Pietro Vereni.

We are very grateful for your participation – and feel free to encourage your fellow students to participate!

The purpose of the project is simply to examine how the corona crisis has affected our lives. Your information will be collected via the questionnaire you will find a link to here below. We ask you two kinds of questions:

1) questions where you are asked to answer within some predefined categories;
2) some completely open questions that allow you to describe in your own words how you are living through the corona crisis. We believe in the importance of sharing our stories in this crisis situation.

Participation in the project is voluntary. The legal basis for processing your personal data is Article 6 (1) of the Data Protection Regulation and Paragraph 10 (1) of the Data Protection Act.

After collection, the information will be stored securely and without unauthorized access. When stored on portable media, such as computers, phones and hard drives, data will be encrypted to ensure protection.

Tor Vergata and Roskilde University keep your information until the project is completed + 10 years; it will then be transferred to the National Archives.

Data will be used for publication in scientific journals and media outlets. Data will be used in such a way that the readers of these articles will not be able to identify you as a participant – or that you have participated in the project.

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