Coronavirus Update 10: Online Oral Exams Procedure

Coronavirus Update 10: Online Oral Exams Procedure

On the day of the exam, each professor will proceed to take the attendance of the booked students, in order to check who is actually present, subsequently he will declare the exam open and students are called to take the test in the order deemed appropriate.

It is recommended that other connected students temporarily turn off their device audio and video-cameras in order not to disturb the student who is taking the exam.

ID Verification

The professor will call the first student, explicitly request her/him to activate the camera (in addition to audio) and will verify the identity of the examined candidate by checking and taking note of the identification document details.

Exam Conduct

Candidates will be recommended to keep their eyes on the screen (in order to avoid the consultation of illegal material, unless the Commission allows it).

Student may not wear hats and must show the ears (to avoid the use of micro-earphones): students are recommended to use headphones with microphone or to speak directly into the devices’ microphone.

The student’s behavior will be closely monitored: For the outcome of the examination, it will be evaluated whether (s)he denotes distraction from the monitor or excessive uncertainty or slow response.

Exam Result

The Commission can decide to inform the student about his final grade or to call the next one. The exam session will not be recorded.