Exam Information: Drug Analysis II – prof. Barbato

Exam Information: Drug Analysis II – prof. Barbato

The April 21st Drug Analysis II session is Reserved for FUORI CORSO & ERASMUS students and will take place ONLY in remote, for both the written and oral parts.

Note that there will be a MANDATORY meeting session for the setup of webcam view within TEAMS and to verify that the procedure of downloading and uploading files through the Assignment procedure within your account works well.
The test meeting will take place on the April 16th at 9.00 am;

To partecipate, please send an a-mail to gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it specifying your full Teams name, and your matricola, so that I can prepare your access to the teams channel for doing the meeting and testing the full procedure.

Please download the attached file of instructions “Remote Exam Session with Teams TorVergata – extract v3.1.pdf”, read it carefully and attempt a set-up conforming to the instructions before attending the meeting

The written part of the exam on April 21st will have the following timing:

Module 1 written part:
9.00 AM meeting and document verification
9.30-10.30 Written part through Assignment on Teams (time constrained)

Module 2 written part:
10.35 AM meeting and document verification
11.00-12.00 AM Written part through Assignment on Teams (time constrained)

Please note that the oral part of the exam may take place the afternoon, and be finished the day after depending on the number of student doing the exam.

If you have doubts or questions please send an email: gaetano.barbato@uniroma2.it

Remote Exam

Covid-19: New guidelines for lessons, exams and graduation sessions starting April 7

Covid-19: New guidelines for lessons, exams and graduation sessions starting April 7

Following the national and regional provisions announced for the next few hours, the Regional Committee of the Universities of Lazio has resolved that starting from Wednesday 7 April 2021 the following provisions will be applied:
Lessons (curricular and formative) will resume in presence with the possibility to attend online. Access to the classrooms will be limited to no more than 30% of students and regulated through reservations on the “Delphi” portal in compliance with the Mur Guidelines referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02/14/2021.
Exams can be carried out in presence, ensuring the distancing rules and the use of PPE. In any case, an online session will also be provided, in order to ensure all students who request it (if unable to carry them out in presence for proven reasons, quarantine, or for documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy) the opportunity to take the exam. Please note that the exams cannot be carried out in the studies, but only and exclusively in the classrooms of the Faculty / Macroarea already set up with the defined spacing.
Graduation sessions and final exams for the achievement of qualifiying titles can be held in presence in compliance with the M.U.R. (Ministry of University and Research) guidelines, allowing a maximum of two accompanying persons for each student. This method can be implemented as long as the distance and any other safety measures in relation to the number of undergraduates can be guaranteed: an assessment will be carried out by the Faculty Dean / Macro Area Coordinator. The possibility of carrying out the final tests remotely is allowed to students who make a justified request as they are unable to take it in presence for proven reasons eg. if you are in quarantine, or for documented health reasons or for foreign students unable to return to Italy.
Professional internships in the medical, dental and health professions areas, laboratory activities, exercises, and experiential activities may take place in person in compliance with the guidelines of the MUR referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02/14/2021.
The University facilities, the research laboratories, will remain open allowing access to teachers and researchers by providing a smart working plan for the administrative and technical staff to guarantee services in compliance with the anti-covid regulations in force.
– The Rector Orazio Schillaci
Translated from the Italian Website

Timetable of the Second Semester is on line!!!

Timetable of the Second Semester is on line!!!

Timetable for academic year 2020/2021 is available below.

Lessons of academic year 2020/2021 start on March 1st 2021(II Semester)

Lessons ON LINE: Microsoft Teams Platform 

or visit this page TIMETABLE

University holidays

Classes end: May 28th 2021

Easter Break: April 2nd 2021 to April 5th 2021

Campus Party 2021: Circular Economy to Change the World

Campus Party 2021: Circular Economy to Change the World

Campus Party, the biggest innovation and creativity experience in the world is back on 28 and 29 January 2021 with Campus Party Spotlight, the first entirely digital global edition focused on circularity, sustainability, climate action and clean and accessible energy, implemented in partnership with Enel.

We will be talking about E-Mobility, Smart Cities, Urban Circular Economy and Open Innovability, but also research, startups, tourism and new tools and technologies for a sustainable future.
A totally free-of-charge online event with:
Talks, panels and interviews with international speakers and industry experts
Call4Ideas and online challenges to create innovative and sustainable solutions
A Job Factory Area to enable thousands of young people to find the job of the future.
The final stage of PlayEnergy 2020, the international prize competition promoted by Enel and Campus Party to bring young people between 7 and 18 years of age closer to the Circular Economy.
Campus Party Spotlight will also be the first stage of Road to EXPO Dubai, the approach path that Campus Party is dedicating to exploring the key topics of the Universal Exposition: sustainability, opportunities and mobility.
Join us for an immersive experience in the Circular Economy and become a protagonist of change.


Coronavirus Update 3: Online Classes Setup

Coronavirus Update 3: Online Classes Setup

As a necessary measure of containment and management of the Covid-19’s epidemiological emergency Tor Vergata University of Rome is developing all the useful operational tools in order to allow lessons to be held remotely starting next week.

The software chosen by Tor Vergata University to allow student to follow lessons online is Microsoft Teams.

The enrollment procedures necessary to take part in the online lessons will be communicated soon via email / social media / website.

Activate Office 365

In the meantime it is already possible to carry out some operations which may save you some time later on:

Activate your Office 365 account (necessary only if you have not already done so).
The guide is available on:

If you have lost your password, you can reset it by accessing Delphi (http://delphi.uniroma2.it), selecting “activation of other services -> Microsoft Office365 activation -> First Activation / Reset Password”

Install Teams

Download and install the teams app on your devices (desktop, ios and android app or via the web) from the site:

If your device is not in the supported list it is possible to access teams via webapp: in this case we recommend installing the Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft Teams Tutorials:

Where I download the program and the official apps:


End user training: