Activation of the second round of selection is open!!!

Activation of the second round of selection is open!!!

Regarding the provisions of the Call for Admission to the Single Cycle Master’s Degree program with limited access in Pharmacy in English language (D.R. 1122/2022, prot. 20453 of 13/04/2022), art. 9, as there are still vacancies following the completion of the first selection round, the second selection round is held to cover these positions for:

• n. Nineteen (19) places for Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy under art. 26 of the law 189/2002;
• n. Five (5) places reserved for non-EU citizens residing abroad who are applying for a visa.

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Necessary steps to follow to participate in the second call:

1) Register in Delphi. Enter your FULL Surname and Name as stated in the passport, and check the correct gender and date of birth. The system will create a FISCAL CODE.
2) Register in CISIA and enter the fiscal code that DELPHI has given you in the first step.
It is essential to enter the correct information.


Ranking List a.y.2021-2022

Ranking List a.y.2021-2022

A.Y. 2021-2022

The general ranking of merit will be formulated by inserting ONLY candidates who have registered within the set deadlines and have taken the English TOLC-F CISIA test at one of the participating universities in the period indicated.

The General Ranking list, formulated and approved by the Commission, will be drawn up based on the score obtained in the English TOLC-F test.

Only those candidates who have obtained a score equal to or higher than 18.0 points out of 50 in the total of the Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Logic sections in the English TOLC-F CISIA test will be considered winners, within the limits of the available places.

In the case of a tie, the youngest candidate will prevail.

The publication of the ranking will be valid for all purposes as official communication of the results.

No other form of communication of the general ranking list is admitted.

Please Note: A specific ranking will be proposed for non-EU citizens residing abroad who apply for a study visa.

The General ranking for the 80 admissions to the Degree Course in Pharmacy for Italian citizens, communitary citizens, and non-communitary citizens legally residing in Italy are available.

EU STUDENTS – Ranking List

NON-EU STUDENTS – Ranking List

Eligible candidates who do not enrol within the deadlines described will be regarded as renouncers.


Excluded are those who have not obtained a minimum score of 18/50 or have taken the test in Italian (TOLC-F) and not the ENGLISH TOLC-F in English as required by the call.